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Be it a part of or a special occasion or even your wedding day, we at V V Studio make the day your best by accentuating your best features with the help of our professionally trained makeup artists.

We have the following services for you-
  • Makeover- Often confused with makeup, the process of makeover includes changing the getup as a whole. Be it draping a saree or doing your hair and nails, makeovers change you as a whole. The way you carry yourself plays an important role in a makeover. At V V Studio, you enter as a girl and return back as a woman!
  • Makeup- The usage of cosmetics in order to highlight the best features of your face is what makeup is all about. We have different styles of makeup on the basis of the occasion. We know how important it is to give your skin the love it requires. You can choose your styles of makeups like Indian Makeup, Western makeup, South Indian makeup, North Indian Makeup, Panjabi makeup, Bengali makeup, and muslim makeup, our makeup stylist are expert doing all.


What would be the best look for me?

Depending on the occasion, you skin type and your outfit, we decide on the look we would create for you.

What brands are used for the makeup?

We mostly use International brands such as MAC, Kryolan and Airbrush foundations to bring out the diva in you. We are broadening our spectrum of makeup brands and are introducing your favorite brands each day. We are currently focusing on introducing the makeup brands which are the most in demand among women.

I have acne prone skin.Will it be hard to do makeup on me?

We have the best makeup artists in Bengaluru working with us. Our professional makeup artists are trained to deal with different skin types. We would choose the products being used on your face according to your skin condition.

What are the services available in a makeover?

We provide you with a head to toe service in a makeover where we change your whole getup. The services included are styling your hair, nail art, body polishing, V V Studio signature facial along with makeup to channel the best you are. We work really hard to see that glistening smile on your face and give out the best we can for you.

What are the prices for makeup?

Since this is a universal wedding season, we are running at an offer price of ₹4999 for the makeup for days of mehendi, roka, sagai, reception etc.

VV Studio makes sure every customer is given the best service possible so that they become like a family member. We give the love to all our customers to make it the best ladies beauty parlour in town.

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