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Get your Saturday Night Hair everyday with our Keratin treatment.

Keratin treatment is also known as the Brazilian Blowout which gives your hair a great look. Not only does it add intense glossy shine to hair, but can also reduce frizz. Recommended highly by stylists, keratin treatment is one of the most common formaldehyde treatments for hair among women



What is the process of a keratin treatment like?

Your hair is first brushed with the keratin cream (formaldehyde) which is left for an hour to 30 minutes. Your hair is then blow dried and flat ironed. The outcome is that your hair texture looks more relaxed.

How long will it last?

The main outcome of a keratin treatment would be smooth and shiny hair which is similar to the hair smoothing treatment. How long it lasts totally depends on the amount of times you wash your hair. Keratin treatment lasts up to 30 to 40 washes.

Will my hair be straight after the treatment?

Keratin treatment usually can give you up to 40 to 50% straight hair. It gives a natural look to the hair and doesn’t leave it pin-straight.

What are the products I can use after the treatment? Are there any side effects?

It is always advised to use sulfate-free keratin based products for your hair- be it shampoo, conditioner or hair masque. Getting a hair spa done once a month will give more life to your hair. With proper care for your mane, there will definitely be no side effects.


Can I color my hair?

Hair professionals suggest you give a break to your hair for two months post treatment, after which you can color your hair. Retouch for the hair color can also be done after that once every month.

What is the price for Keratin treatment?

Compared to other salons, we are running at an offer price of ₹4999 for the treatment. This includes hair wash as well.

Where can I get the best keratin treatment in Bengaluru?

At V V Studio, we make sure our professionals cater the needs to your hair and keep you pampered at the same time. Book an appointment with us to experience that yourself! We are near you, just a call away in J P Nagar, Bengaluru.

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